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Commune Life is a blog devoted to income-sharing, egalitarian communities, also known as communes.  We look at the diversity of these communities, as well as what it’s like to live in one, and projects related to the communes.  Our structure is that we have a brand new article on communes and communal living every Monday, a new photo essay showing what life in these communities is like is published every Wednesday (or occasionally we publish a video of someone talking about issues related to communes), and every Friday we reprint an article about communal living that we found somewhere else (usually on the internet).

For those new to this idea, there is a Federation of Egalitarian Communities in the US and many of the communities profiled here are in it.  The FEC is also a good source for more nitty-gritty information about commune building.

Here’s some of the communities that we’ve looked at:

Twin Oaks, founded in 1967 and located in rural Virginia, is the oldest commune on this site.  We have a good introductory article on Twin Oaks and some photoessays about it including this one.

Two views of Twin Oaks

Sandhill, founded in 1974, is located in northeastern Missouri.  We have a history of the community and a photoessay about it.

East Wind, also founded in 1974, is located in the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri.  We have article about their kitchen renovations  and several photoessays including this one.

East Wind

And Acorn, was founded in 1993 and is located near Twin Oaks in rural Virginia. We have an article on their labor system and here’s one of the photoessays we have on it.


There are a lot of newer communes featured here, including Oran Mór in southern Missouri, which has a photoessay about their summer, Living Energy Farm in Virginia, which we have an essay on the technologies they use as well as why they were founded,  the Stillwater Sanctuary/Possibility Alliance in northeastern Missouri which is talked about in an essay from an LEF member, Cambia in Virginia,  which we have a photoessay about and an essay about why it was startedMimosa, also in Virginia, which we have an introduction to, Compersia in Washington, DC, which we talk about and have pictures from their meetings, Rainforest Lab in Washington state, which sent us a piece on how they live together, East Brook Community Farm in upstate New York, which gave us a wonderful picture essay introducing themselves, and  Cotyledon in Queens, New York, which also introduced themselves with a picture essay.

Compersia folks

In addition, two groups that are in the process of proposing income-sharing communities have contributed here, Full Circle, which wrote about wanting to buy land with Twin Oaks for a community that would take care of the aging, and Donald’s View, where the founders talked about how they are questioning before creating community.

And beyond the US, we have an introduction to TCUP, a new community in British Columbia as well as a photoessay on it, a vision statement from le Manoir in Quebec, and an article on a European view of diversity written by David of las Indias in Spain as well as an article on how they deal with vegan guests, and an article about a US communard’s trip to the income sharing communes of Europe.

For people wondering what’s involved in building community we have articles on the work of starting the DC community, and essay on what’s involved in founding a community, and pieces on three agreements that are helpful in founding a community and questions every group should ask, as well as covering projects related to commune building such as the Point A project  and Commune in a Box  and the Chloroplast Research Institute.  And, of course, there’s new stuff on this blog three times a week.

Also, if you’re looking for more information on any particular community, project, or subject, please check out the list of CATEGORIES found under PAGES by clicking on the three lines in the upper right hand corner.


Welcome to the world of communal living!