The Twin Oaks Wastewater Project

by Raven East Brook

When I was down at Twin Oaks for the Social Technology Conference and the FEC Assembly, I couldn’t help but be aware of the work that was going on creating a drainfield for the tofu wastewater.

This is hopefully the ending phase of a five year upgrade to Twin Oaks’ tofu factory.  This post contains some pictures that I snapped while I was at the community as well as some that are taken from the Twin Oaks Facebook page.

The overall plans
Plans for stabilization ponds
Creating specially engineered drainfield lines
The ponds under construction
Another view of the tarped ponds
Storage tanks
The pretreatment tanks going in


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The Twin Oaks Wastewater Project

The Gasoline Altar

from the East Wind Community Facebook page:

To appease the Gods of Insurance, our Gasoline Altar is complete. Though we’re always seeking to be more self-sufficient, East Wind is still reliant on the system. For the foreseeable future, our agricultural and cooperative systems are made possible by our successful business, East Wind Nut Butters. We drive cars and use tractors. Hopefully one day we won’t need to.

Image may contain: sky, basketball court, tree and outdoor

This was re-posted on the Commune Life Facebook page with the comments:

Lots of people are drawn to community by the dream of living sustainably and autonomously. East Wind Community does better than most at actually actualizing these ideals. But the state is pervasive, as are fossil fuels, and neither can be escaped entirely. So sometimes you gotta build a gasoline altar to appease the insurance gods…

The Gasoline Altar

Twin Oaks Tofu Upgrade

from the Twin Oaks facebook page:
TOFU WASTEWATER. Construction is now moving ahead quickly on the urgently needed tofu whey wastewater handling project. This part of the project involves specially engineered drainfield lines.


from the Commune Life facebook page:

Upgrades to Twin Oaks Community Foods tofu factory have been going on for over five years. There have been many hiccups along the way, but the project is finally reaching its conclusion. One of the major roadblocks this year has been the surprise need for a more robust wastewater management facility. Construction is just beginning on this critical piece.


Twin Oaks Tofu Upgrade

Harvesting Nettles at East Brook

From the Commune Life Instagram account:

Harvesting Nettles at East Brook