Views around the Communes

by Raven Glomus

The natural beauty that surrounds the rural communes is often breathtaking–especially in early spring. Here are some photographs that appeared on our Facebook page recently.

East Wind recently posted this charming picture of a rainbow appearing above the community:

Here’s a gorgeous picture of Twin Oaks from Jayme Miller who was kind enough to give me permission to reprint it:

Jayme Miller wrote: “Twin Oaks- where every day is a week long, and so is every month.”

I posted the pictures from Glomus Commune and also wrote: “It’s high spring at Glomus Commune and the land around us has turned a brilliant green. Here’s three views of Pine Hill behind our land. The tree with the pink blossoms in the second photo is a peach tree. We live in a valley, so in the afternoon the land around us is in shadow while the tops of the hills are still sunlit–see the third picture.”

I often advocate living in communes for ideological reasons, for support and connection, and to be part of something very different from mainstream living, but the views aren’t bad either.

Views around the Communes

Black Land Matters

I (Raven) have put out in several places that I am more concerned about diversity among communities than diversity within communities. But having a true diversity of communities requires many different folks having access to the things that can help build community. Land is one of them. Historically, Black folks have been denied access to land. Here is an important proposal to change that and support communities of color in a way that really matters. Rejoice found this resource and I happily published it in our ongoing series of Facebook posts about diversity and race.

Here is the information on the page that the link goes to. If you want to know more here is the link to the actual article (which then has links to resources and the full proposal).

Unfortunately, this piece was not seen by that many folks (unfortunate because I think that it contains really important information). I did get three great comments on the piece, including one from Rejoice who alerted me to the article in the first place. I totally agree with Cara’s comment.

We will be back on Monday, with more on the topic of race and diversity in communities.

Black Land Matters