Creativity in Community

by Raven Glomus

I am still trying to understand Facebook. I don’t like it but I realize that I can reach more folks that way. I pointed out a couple of weeks ago that I put out what I thought was a decent, interesting question and, although it got an okay number of view, it didn’t didn’t get any comments. Another post got a couple of vague comments but not very many views.

I posted what I thought was a more generic question and, for a couple of days, it didn’t get many views (I think less than fifty) and no comments and I thought that was that. Maybe my FB questions had run out of steam.

Then a couple of folks wrote nice, on topic and astute comments, and I replied, and I even got a thank you from Zamin (who is a regular commenter) and we were off. As of Thursday (as I’m writing this) we have a bit over a hundred views, which isn’t spectacular but isn’t bad either, and is at least double what I thought we were getting. I’m still trying to understand Facebook.

Here’s the post and the comments:

Creativity in Community

Bathroom Art at Glomus

(Originally posted on Facebook and Instagram)

Art is found in many places in the communes. One place that we have art at Glomus Commune is in the bathrooms and toilet rooms. The first two photos are from the only real bathroom that we have, with a flush toilet and a shower; the second two photos are from what we sometimes call the “poop coop”, a humanure toilet in a small building shared with the chickens; and the final two photos are from a humanure toilet that we set up in a nook in the barn. You might as well have nice things to look at while you sit on the throne.

Bathroom Art at Glomus

More 2020 Art Walk

Art Walk at Twin Oaks is an annual event (fourth year in a row!) and this year they included stuff from two other Louisa, Virginia, communities: Acorn and Living Energy Farm. We’ve already linked to one set of photos–here’s more.

(From Twin Oaks Facebook page): MORE ART WALK. Art included various computer programming presentations as well as traditional drawing, painting, crafts, and metalwork.

More 2020 Art Walk

Art Walk 2020

Art is important in communities, and Twin Oaks began this yearly art festival to acknowledge it. Here’s what they said on their Facebook page (which was then copied to the Commune Life Facebook page along with a bunch of pictures.

ART WALK. Twin Oaks 4th annual art event, this year with Acorn & LEF participating.On October 18 there was a day of performances and art created by members was on display in several of our buildings.

Art Walk 2020

Art in Community

So this is the next in a series of Facebook questions that I have posed, looking at controversial issues in community living. Here is the question that I asked:

Right away, I got three thoughtful responses from Zamin Danty, Rachael Kadish, and Nicole Bienfang:

Then Theresa jumped in with concerns and Rachael and Theresa explored this further:

Finally, come all the one word responses. Most simply said, “Necessity.” But I appreciate Monica Cej’s response: “Both.”

Art in Community

Communities Conference Workshops

Here is the workshop and partial presentation schedule for the upcoming Twin Oaks Communities Conference.  The below links are to blog posts on these elements.  There is a posted full program (with short descriptions for every workshop are in the newly published program).  

Cambia lunch

Saturday September 1st

9:30 to noon

1:30 to 3 PM

4 to 5:30 PM

Sunday September 2

9:30 to 11

There is still time to register for this amazing event.  Twin Oaks Community is hosting this event in central Virginia Aug 31st thru Sept 2.  There is also great Labor Day (Sept 3) program at Cambia Community, less than one mile from the Twin Oaks Conference site.

TO 50 group shot
Twin Oaks 50th Anniversary – Circa 2017

Communities Conference Workshops

Art at Twin Oaks



Rock/Paper/Scissors statue by Lindsey (guest).  Displayed in  Kaweah.

24210091_1566844903375384_3751067670206167007_oPainting by Summer of Purl. Displayed in her room.


Art by Puma. Displayed at ZK.


Lindsey Hoffman’s homemade collage postcards and photography by Alexis (guest).  Displayed in upstairs MT.


Sketch by Lindsey of shrouded R E Lee statue in Charlottesville.


Woven basket by Ari made during recent stay at John C Campbell Folk School.  Displayed in upstairs Llano.


Iron work by Stephan made during his recent stay at John C Campbell Folk School.   Displayed in upstairs Llano .


Art quilt by Pam.  Displayed in her room .

Art at Twin Oaks