Income Sharing: Enticements and Fears

by Raven Glomus

I am still learning about Facebook. I put two very similar posts on Facebook, two days in a row and I think that I got punished for it. The first post got an lot of views and quite a few comments. The second, similar post got few views, no comments, and no likes (or even dislikes). Compare 401 people reached vs 86 people reached. (I’ve had seen lower–we’ve had posts that only got sixty-something views, but 86 is fairly low for us and 401 is fairly high.) I also thought that the comments to the first post were pretty good and I am including most of them.

Here’s my original post:

Quite the interesting selection of responses and I was very happy with it. Compare that with what happened the next day:

Similar question, but it sank like a stone. Oh, well, I guess I learned something. I won’t put two posts that are that similar two days in a row.

And I am glad to have heard so many different feelings about income sharing from the first post.

Income Sharing: Enticements and Fears

One thought on “Income Sharing: Enticements and Fears

  1. Leslie Harrison says:

    Interesting. I don’t find people talking about this subject. Thanks for providing it. I wonder if we had a Facebook group? Or maybe there already is one. I agree with the person who said money is another resource and s(he) likes sharing resources.


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