Validation Day

by Raven Glomus

I just wrote a post on Communal Culture.  Here’s another example of the difference between mainstream and communal cultures.

The communes have decided to reappropriate many of the holidays.  This weekend the mainstream world celebrates Valentine’s Day.  East Wind Community decided years ago that this holiday was too much about traditional couples and they wanted something that would celebrate everyone.  Thus Validation Day was born.  Validation Day is celebrated in many of the communes now instead of Valentine’s Day–and we just decided to have a small version of it here at Glomus Commune.

On Validation Day, cards are made up for everyone in the commune and positive messages are written in by many folks.  Each card is filled with lovely messages–as someone said, it’s a natural antidepressant.  Often folks work on the cards for weeks and pass them around so lots of folks have a chance to write something.

Working on Validation Day cards at Twin Oaks, 2007

I think that it’s an amazing way to take a holiday that has been commercialized and that elevates traditional couples and uses it to create good feelings throughout the commune.  It’s one more thing that society could learn from the communes.  Of course, making homemade cards wouldn’t benefit the economy, but that’s the point.  We are building another world in the communes.

Validation Day

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