2020 is gone!

by Raven Glomus

I probably don’t need to say it, but I’m so glad that the year 2020 is over. Many horrible things happened that affected everyone–and affected the communes and the communal movement. I have a feeling that the changes from 2020 will affect the communes for years to come.

Maybe our need to just let the year go is why, when I posted a question on Facebook about what we could learn from 2020, no one responded with any answers.

Notice that it reached 191 people and 11 folks liked (etc) it but there were no comments.

Have we learned anything from the year? As much as we would like to forget that 2020 ever happened, I really hope that we could learn something from the year. As I said, I think the communes will feel the effects of the year for many years hence. Maybe we will be able to think about what we have learned when we have more distance from the year.

2020 is gone!

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