Why live in a commune?

So, I thought that this was a super simple question, but I got a bunch of interesting responses to it. The question:

As you can see, I got twenty comments (although a couple of them were mine–Raven’s). What’s more important is that many of them were thoughtful responses to this relatively simple question. I will start with my response, which Facebook seems to have shuffled to the top.

I got a response from someone with similar aspirations and I responded using (unintentionally) the Commune Life handle.

Here are a bunch of the other responses:

Here’s one from Dan Parelius, former Twin Oaker and avid Commune Life follower, which I had to respond to:

And then more stories of the ups and downs of communal living:

Finally, someone had to send one of those meme pics, and indeed, someone did:

Why live in a commune?

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