Twin Oaks is Looking for Folks

by Keenan

After a six-month hiatus Twin Oaks is slowly opening up to visitors and new members.  The first trial “Let’s see how this goes” visitor group starts October 22nd.  (This group is already filled.)  Future visitor groups have not yet been scheduled.  So if you have been waiting to visit Twin Oaks, or you know someone, go ahead and send an email now.  Due to stopping the visitor program for so long there are now plenty of spaces for new members.

Twin Oaks is also making a small opening to sort of a back-door path to membership.  It is possible, if you are already friends with someone at Twin Oaks, to write to your friend and come to Twin Oaks as a guest.  That initial letter is posted to the community and there is a pre=approval poll before someone can come as a guest  (This is a new process step here at Twin Oaks.) Once here as a long-term guest Twin Oaks is making it easier to become a visitor and then a member without having to leave the community.

As far as we know there has been no cases of covid-19 at Twin Oaks and we aim to keep it that way.   Everyone coming into Twin Oaks, visitors and guests included, must quarantine for two weeks first.  Most people quarantine here at Twin Oaks, but there are some exceptions.

So, if you have friends at Twin Oaks and are interested in being here for some months, write to your friend.  We could use some new faces here!

Twin Oaks is Looking for Folks

2 thoughts on “Twin Oaks is Looking for Folks

  1. Leslie Harrison says:

    Could I come for a visit? I would like to learn from you. I intend to start and/or join and live in an intentional community in NE Oklahoma. I have been with several groups who also want to be in intentional communities but my group disbanded during the pandemic. Another group I was with is building now. But they’re more urban than I want to be and they’re also more homogeneous than I want to be. I want to learn how to be self governing and how to build houses.

    I’m a female, age 67, in excellent health. I have heard that you don’t let people join who are over a certain age and I would of course honor that. I could wwoof for you or pay for my room and board. Late fall and winter would be fine.

    Thanks, Leslie Harrison


  2. Hi Leslie,

    We don’t have a direct link to Twin Oaks–you should contact them directly. I think that you would probably enjoy their visitors program–you don’t have to be interested in membership to be a visitor (or a guest–if you know anyone at Twin Oaks). For more information, check out their website:


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