Family Life and Communal Success

by Raven

I had been reading a request for membership here at Glomus and the person mentioned that they had been raised in a large family. I was also raised in a large family and that got me thinking about how much the family that you grew up with affects your ability to live communally. I decided to write a Facebook post about it.

As you can see, we got a few comments from that. Some interesting things got raised in the comments. It started off with personal stories from Cara Ziegel and Theresa Kadish.

Then Rejoice added an idea which I responded to and so did Rachael Kadish. (Rachael also lives here at Glomus, as do Theresa and I.) Rejoice (who lives at Mimosa but occasionally visits here) added yet another nuance in the midst of this.

Nina (from Twin Oaks) added her story, which also fit in with what we all were writing.

Then, Zamin Danty wrote a piece that I thought took us slightly off-topic.

But it was a comment from Mark Homesteader that completely changed the direction of the conversation:

Family Life and Communal Success