Riding Out the Apocalypse

It was mid-May and by then the extent of the pandemic was apparent. Having had success in writing my post on the difficulties with starting communes, I thought I would try to write something that would attract folks. I thought about my guilt in being in such a perfect situation for this difficult time and wrote about it. It reached 685 people (more than I had ever gotten before) and got 24 comments, so I guess it “touched a nerve” as they say. Here’s what I wrote:

Here are the comments. I can’t really put them in chronological order because Facebook keeps moving the order around, but I will try to put them in an order that I think makes sense. I will start with some comments that I answered:

And one that the writer answered themself:

Then there was a back and forth between Audrey Bochantin and Cicada Musselman:

And James Buchanan’s questions about starting a community, with several folks answering:

And Aurora DeMarco’s comment on conflict as a deterrent:

There were a bunch of general, affirming comments

Finally, there is this long thread:

Riding Out the Apocalypse

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