Starting Communes…

On the evening of May 10th, tired and wanting to go to bed, I (Raven) noticed that there was no Facebook post for the next day. I thought about why I had put the blog on hiatus for May and just wrote about it for the next day’s post. I was surprised that it became very popular (or at least more popular than many of our posts before then). In it, I mentioned that, really, no matter what I post here, the same three posts almost always come up as the most popular posts of the day (or the week or the month). I checked just before writing this (at the end of June) and it’s still true. Here’s what I wrote:

As you can see, I got twenty comments. Here are some of them:

Since this was a question directed at me, I felt like I needed to respond.

When Aurora DeMarco put in a short, cryptic comment, Theresa (as Commune Life) pressed her for a longer answer, which she provided.

Tomorrow, I will return to our recent Facebook posts on diversity.

Starting Communes…

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