A Question of Family

This is the last, for now, in a long series that I’ve been posting here on questions that have gone up on the Commune Life Facebook page. Unfortunately, I am putting this blog on an indefinite hiatus as of Monday

Here’s the first question we reposted, from way back in November, and here is the latest and ninth. This final question was posed by me (Raven) in mid-February and came about because of the reactions that I saw in some of the communards at the Communities Conference in 2018.

The first response was from someone who moved into a collective in Syracuse and was surprised by the responses she got:

This was followed by some short takes from people:

Before Rejoice chimed in with a very, very long response:

Rejoice finished off this comment and then offered an additional reflection:

This invoked two additional comments, from Theresa and Kazmira, the original commentor, both reacting to what Rejoice said:

A Question of Family

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