A Question of Hierarchies

We have been putting questions on our Facebook page and getting a lot of responses. I (Raven) am now putting them out as Friday reposts so that blog readers can see what we’ve been doing on Facebook and some of the comments that we have gotten. Here’s the first question we reposted and the second and the third and the fourth and most recent.

In this back and forth, Theresa raises the question of the place of hierarchies in egalitarian communities. Is this a paradox or an admission that a flat playing field isn’t completely possible, even in communities that struggle for it?

This got lots of responses, beginning with:

This led to a back and forth between Shari McRae and Gil Benmoshe (with contributions from Theresa and Nicole Bienfang:

This was where the dialogue ended, but the question is still open: in ‘egalitarian’ communities, how do we deal with the fact that some folks will always have more experience than others? Do we reward it, or try to contain it?

A Question of Hierarchies

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