Queer Gathering 2020

by Stephan, Twin Oaks Community

Join us August 7-9 for a weekend of queertranstastic fun, learning, workshops, networking, revelry, and more! This will be our fourth year hosting the Queer Gathering at Twin Oaks Community in rural central Virginia, and we invite you to come participate. The gathering will be a safe(r) and supportive camping event for queer folks and allies of all ages to come together, skill share, make art, build community, dance, and organize.

Julia and Maddie do some repairs at the conference site

It is especially important given the current political climate to create connections and build resilience. Often, these types of conferences take place in urban environments, so this event is also important for folks who are more rural and have less access to queer community in everyday life.

Group shot of 2018 participants (plus Khaleesi, the dog)

This is a participant-led/co-created event, so while the organizing team will setup the event site and create a general schedule of activities, the content is largely up to YOU! There is opportunity to lead a workshop, DJ some of the dance party, bring your instruments to jam, offer an interest/identity-based meetup (POC dinner, non-binary lunch, comic book breakfast, etc), and more. Some past year’s workshops include mushroom identification, glitter transformation, consent, queer parenting, basic tool use, etc. Sunday’s workshops are all offered by participants and voted on using an open space organizing format.

More information, including past schedules and registration information, can be found at www.twinoaksqueergathering.org


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Deep gratitude to all of our patrons:  


  • Compersia Community
  • East Brook Community Farm
  • The Federation of Egalitarian Communities
  • Twin Oaks Community


  • Aaron Michels
  • Brenda Thompson
  • Caroline Elbert
  • Cathy Loyd
  • Em Stiles
  • Jenn Morgan
  • Janey Amend-Bombara
  • Jonathan Thaler
  • Joseph A Klatt
  • Julia Elizabeth Evans
  • Kai Koru
  • Kathleen Brooks
  • Laurel Baez
  • Lynette Shaw
  • Magda schonfeld
  • Michael Hobson
  • Nance & Jack Williford
  • Peter Chinman
  • Raines Cohen 
  • Sumner Nichols
  • Tobin Moore
  • Warren Kunce
  • William Croft
  • William Kadish
  • William Scarborough


Queer Gathering 2020

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