The New Steel Building

by Raven East Brook 

Back in March of 2013, when I was visiting Twin Oaks, there was a snow storm which knocked down power lines and both Twin Oaks and Acorn were without power for several days.  Acorn got their power back sooner than Twin Oaks, but it came with a price.

From a blog post I wrote on my own blog at the time: “…when the power went out, someone ran into one building to rescue some baby chicks that were being kept warm by an electric heater and apparently moved the heater to the wrong place. When the power came back on it started a fire that turned into an inferno that destroyed the whole building.  Very fortunately, this wasn’t a building anyone lived in and no one was hurt–but there was thousands of dollars of damage, including their communal clothes supply and there was at least one automobile nearby that the heat of the fire literally melted the bumper.”

This was a building at Acorn called The Steel Building and it was basically a Quonset Hut.

Not the building at Acorn but a typical Quonset Hut

What was left after the fire was a steel shell, basically the curved roof/walls.  Somehow it kept its shape in spite of the extreme heat. It leaked when it rained but the community still used it to store stuff, often covered with tarps.

Last year Acorn tore the shell down and apparently they sold it for scrap metal.  In its place they put up a new building, made of steel (bright blue steel) but hardly a Quonset Hut.


It has lovely details, like a spiral staircase going up the outside:


What I was told was that they were still in the process of moving things into the building, and it was just beginning to be used.


It will be used for many purposes, much as the old steel building was, and has a wide door on one side so it can be used for automotive.


Here’s the final side.  


When I visited Acorn last year, there were lots of new things there, but the new steel building stood out.  I think that this lovely bright blue structure is a definite improvement on the old dull gray building they tore down. 


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The New Steel Building

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