The 2019 FEC Assembly

by Raven East Brook 

Following the Social Technology Conference, the Federation of Egalitarian Communities held its 2019 Assembly–also at Twin Oaks. This year, unlike last year’s Assembly, it was a fairly easy and agreeable process. 

Two very concrete accomplishments from the Assembly were passing the FEC budget for 2020 and changing Article 7 of the criteria for going from Community in Dialogue to Full Member Community. 

The budget in process

The original first sentence in Article 7 was: “Have, at minimum, three members, none of whom are in a romantic relationship or family.”  What we changed it to was: “Have, at minimum, five adult full members who have been in the community a minimum of six months, understand the community systems, and have access to equal participation in the community’s processes.”

This seemed more specific to us as well as more likely to make sure that new communities would be truly equitable. 

We also explored a possible process for a community facing dissolution and looked at the Reforming Community status.  We agreed to spend up to $2000 for support to reforming communities in the first two years of being a reforming community.

Finally, we agreed that Rejoice would remain the FEC secretary until after the Spring Assembly. 

Rejoice (from the 2018 Assembly)

One of the best parts of the Assembly was getting to hang out with folks from various communities.  This year we had a couple of folks from The Common Unity Project (TCUP) join us, as they are exploring being part of the FEC. 

In the evenings during the Assembly, communities and projects did check ins, updating us and giving us more of a sense of what was going on around the FEC. We heard from Twin Oaks, Mimosa, The Common Unity Project, East Brook, East Wind, Acorn, and Cambia, as well as a report from Keenan (a Twin Oaker) about his plans for creating a community in Costa Rica. 

It was nice to have such a low stress Assembly. I suspect that having the Social Technology Conference just before it really helped. I think we all left feeling good about what we accomplished. 



The FEC delegates hanging out in Julia’s room 

In the back: Julia (Twin Oaks), Raven (East Brook), Cody (East Wind), and Morning (Rainforest Commons)

In front: JB (East Wind), Maximus (East Brook), Rachael (East Brook), and Scott (Acorn)

(Picture by Rejoice)


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The 2019 FEC Assembly

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