Oran Mor Dawning

by Desiree

Oran Mor Community is currently shaking off the ashes of a previous transitional phase.  Oran Mor is now sprouting with signs of potential renewal and simultaneously preparing for the Autumn season fast upon us.  We have collectively learned lessons of patience and the wisdom of allowing and perceiving the solutions that arise out of every situation.  In our continued resilience we have adopted the motto of doing what we can, where we are at, with what we have. We stand together in appreciation for the perspective birthed out of much unexpected contrast.

Inanna Acorn helping us with cob.

What We Are Doing

Native Missouri Trees

We have ordered 250 native Missouri trees, just a few for example – Hickory, Persimmons, Black Gum and Witch Hazel.  Ordered from the Missouri Department of Conservation, they are due to arrive in February. Excitement is mounting as we contemplate positively adding to the health of the forest that so abundantly provides for us. As planting time draws nearer, we will be planning and announcing a tree planting party and potluck to share and rejoice with our tribe!


To date, we have canned a total of 18 Gallons of tomatoes.  Last year 25 gallons of tomatoes were canned, 100 jars. We are confidently progressing as we learn efficiency by learning the ins and outs of effective canning techniques.


We have planted greens and root crops for our fall harvest.  To name a few: Radish, Turnips, Beets, Swiss Chard, Kale, Chinese Cabbage, etc. .  Members have daily diligently given the garden loving care and attention. Innovative ways have been discovered to keep the garden watered in the face of lack of rain and other long standing water challenges.

Some of our members built this smoke/hangout ledge in the woods.

In Progress

Cob: Clay & Straw

We have successfully procured a significant load of  straw and promising resources for clay. We have also begun digging sand from Little Creek and bringing it up. Winterizing of existing domiciles on the land is a priority.

Cobbing the ceiling cracks of the Ringing Cedar

Recycling & Land Cleansing

Oran Mor has been long plagued with the neglect of previous unconscious residences, disrespect of Makha Ina (Mother Earth).  We have been reveling in the momentum that has continuously been building in our opportunities to remove long buried, rusted, metals, aluminum and other non biodegradable pollutants from the earth.  Still to be removed are numerous tires, vats of used cooking oil and abandoned metal/plastic fencing material. If anyone has connections and resources that will aid in these endeavors, we greatly appreciate your assistance.

Ceremonies and Workshops

Our last Sweat Lodge & Cacao Ceremony was a beautiful success. This month we are holding it on the grounds of Oran Mor itself. We have dubbed it  “The Great Song Cacao & Sweat Lodge Ceremony” after the Celtic meaning of our name “Oran Mor”. The ceremony is to be held on September 20th, at 8:30 AM.  Come out to share a beautiful heart space of healing and awakening with us! For more information, see our facebook event page


More amazing events will be happening in the near future!

Support Us

We operate an apothecary on the farm selling bulk herbs, smoking blends, tinctures, teas, infused oils, and balms all sourced from this land and made by hand by the Oran Mor tribe. Check it out here – rootsapothecary.etsy.com

We also make kombucha and naturally fermented sodas that we sell by request.

Donations are much appreciated and can be sent via PayPal to greenearthalive@gmail.com

Oran Mor Dawning

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