Oran Mor Ripple

by Desiree

Thank you so much to everyone who is welcoming the news about Oran Mor and all of the amazing support that you give us!!
Who We Are
We are a small Ozark tribe living in close relation with each other and with the land we inhabit. Dedicated to a primitive and simple lifestyle, we have a daily practice of conscious intentional responsibility to ourselves and the ripples we create. We are an egalitarian tribal village building an entirely new paradigm of conscious co-creation.
Monarda Fistulosa / Wild Bergamot
A New Day
Oran Mor Community recently went through a dark phase and to some it felt like the tower had fallen and everything was lost. Oran Mor went back to the womb space of deep introspection in that darkness to prepare for a great renewal – the birth of a phoenix rising from the ashes welcoming a new dawn! Here we are – bolder, stronger, and more grounded than ever before. All of the things that have happened here over the years have brought wisdom, perspective, and dedication to a higher purpose. We are grateful for every single moment of it, even the hardships, but we are most grateful for the drive to continue this vision and dream together.
What We Are Doing
A Chicken Pen
Our lovely hens have spent years happily free ranging to their hearts content. It was great not having to feed them much for most of the year, but they terrorize our outdoor kitchen and hide their eggs all over the land…. so we made them a chicken pen! In one beautiful morning, three of us came together and diligently put up a fairly large pen, and we already got some delicious eggs the next morning! Now we just need to grow a field of amaranth to help feed these ladies.
Cleaning and Cleansing
Our community was founded in 2003, and from the very beginning the space came with baggage. A burnt down house and not so useful “resources” just about everywhere you looked. This year, we are finally putting the finishing touches on getting it all moved and cleaned up so the space can fully breathe into the divine purpose of what Oran Mor was always meant to be! After being here five years myself, I feel so much clearer and calmer now than I ever have here. Our outer world reflects our inner world and vice versa so we are devoted to deep clearing. In doing that, the demons come out and we have to face them to become higher versions of ourselves!
Kikinda Gourd
In Progress
Cleaning the MOLD
The Catbox is our main common house where all our members spend time relaxing, doing yoga, connecting, sharing, playing games, eating, and using certain technologies (like wifi to stay connected with the outside world). We have reoccurring mold problems in this building that we have diligently been remedying. We cleaned the walls, ceiling, got rid of moldy furniture, cleaned all the nooks and crannies. The concrete floor still needs to be sealed and the walls need to be repainted. Our future holds a strawbale / cordwood community building on another foundation so we can transform the Catbox into something else entirely… to be continued…
Ringing Cedar, the tiny house
Our greatest accomplishment over this past year (other than our awesome gardens) was erected at the beginning of 2019. The Ringing Cedar is a 12×16 foot tiny house made of roundwood timbers, reclaimed lumber, cedar siding, and the north wall is a tire earth berm to help retain heat. We built the house for under $500, but it’s not finished yet! We still need to insulate the ceiling, the walls, and lay a floor… and maybe a rocket mass heater!? We will be making a cobblestone floor from river rocks on top of the current gravel. The ceiling will probably be stuffed with wool and the walls we plan to cob. So that’s a big project to get accomplished before winter sets in and ya’ll will definitely be hearing about some work parties once we get a load of clay delivered!
Ceremonies and Workshops
We will begin hosting ceremonies and workshops regularly on the land. Our August ceremony will be held at the Goolsby Farm, one of our extended tribe. We are hosting a Cacao and Sweat Lodge Ceremony on August 17 starting at 9am. Come out to share a beautiful heart space of healing and awakening with us! For more information, see our facebook event page
More amazing events will be happening in the near future!
Our first Pecans!
Support Us
We operate an apothecary on the farm selling bulk herbs, smoking blends, tinctures, teas, infused oils, and balms all sourced from this land and made by hand by the Oran Mor tribe. Check it out here – rootsapothecary.etsy.com
We also make kombucha and naturally fermented sodas that we sell by request.

Donations are much appreciated and can be sent via PayPal to greenearthalive@gmail.com



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Oran Mor Ripple

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