Mimosa Community: Cucurbit Planting


One of the most exciting businesses to come out of the FEC is Common Wealth Seed Growers.  They’ve been developing new varieties of cucurbit seeds which are disease resistant and specially adapted to the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern American climate.

It used to be the case that most seeds that farmers grew were locally developed cultivars, specially adapted to the place where they evolved.  But in the last half century, with the rise of industrial agribusiness, seed company monopolies have forced farmers to rely on a dwindling number of varieties. This loss of diversity in our crop genetics has paralleled the loss of viable local farms which help keep community resources circulating locally.

Headquartered at Mimosa Community, Common Wealth Seed Growers has, for the past several years, devoted their efforts to developing downy mildew resistant cucumbers and squash. They’ve developed several open pollinated seed varieties as part of a larger strategy to bring more autonomy into local farms and food systems. Seeds from open pollinated varieties can be saved year after year, giving farmers some independence from industrial seed products, while simultaneously allowing the plants to adapt to their specific local climate. This makes stronger communities, and better food. Yum.

The work that Common Wealth Seed Growers is doing is radical and amazing, and we are very excited to be able to offer their seeds to our patrons. Anyone that joins our Patreon community in the month of July (2019) will be shipped a packet of disease resistant South Anna Butternut, hand packed by Edmund Frost. What special seeds!


Mimosa Community: Cucurbit Planting

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