Holy Housing Shrine at Compersia

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@compersia.community has a belief in sharing so strong that it constitutes a religion. This belief granted them a zoning exemption from DC to allow them to live with up to 15 unrelated people in a single family home (the city’s normal limit is 6). Compersia therefore celebrates the holiday of Holy Zoning Day, the day upon which this exemption was granted, and keeps a shrine to the Patron Saint of Holy Zoning Day—the bureaucrat who granted the exemption—on their hearth. “May the bureaucrats who watch over us continue to bless us with their byzantine and obscure wisdom. May their red tape roll down like waters upon those who would oppose us, but part before us and our righteous cause like the sea before Moses.” I can’t say that I stopped by Compersia exclusively as a pilgrimage to see the Holy Zoning shrine in person, but it was the primary reason. -Julia (I’m back!) . . . #communelife #shrine #bureaucrats #zoninglaws #iconography #dcitystyle #communalliving #intentionalcommunity #intentionalliving

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Holy Housing Shrine at Compersia

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