Welcome to East Brook Community Farm

by Rachel Kadish

EastBrook Sign

East Brook Community Farm is a farm-based intentional community located in the western Catskill Mountains of New York. Founded 2.5 years ago, East Brook runs a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, with 15 member families this year.


We all live together in an 1884 seven bedroom farmhouse. We are blessed with plentiful infrastructure, including a large barn and several smaller structures. We farm produce, eggs, and meat while regenerating the health of the land through no-till, permaculture, and holistic management practices. We equally strive to regenerate culture through such practices as nonviolent communication and meditation.


The East Brook and several hillside springs run through our gorgeous 92-acre property. The water in our house, in the garden, and for our animals comes directly from these springs.


In addition to our CSA, we sell our produce at local farmers markets and at our farmstand. We have also planted ~100 fruit and nut trees throughout the property, which will begin to bear over the next few years and expand our offerings.




Sarah founded East Brook Community Farm after a years-long journey of searching for land and fellow community members. She has been connected with the FEC since 2012, when she interned at Living Energy Farm and visited Twin Oaks. She brings over a decade of regenerative farming experience, infectious optimism and drive, and a dedication to personal growth work.


Monica has lived at East Brook for just over 1 year, after years of developing interest in joining a farm-based intentional community. This year, she has managed the chickens and ducks and significantly upped our scything game. She brings passion and skill for animal care, dedication to reduced fossil fuel use, and a keen sense of observation to everything she does, from helping with the cows to innoculating mushroom logs.


Shua (EX-East Wind, EX-Twin Oaks, EX-Cambia) has lived at East Brook since April. He’s been instrumental in the creation of a healthy, heart-centered culture here. He also provides key support in the garden and throughout the farm/community, from handling correspondence to repairing the farm truck.


Rachael has lived at East Brook since March, when she arrived as Garden Intern. She is thrilled to be co-managing the garden in 2018. She brings 3 seasons of farming experience and a passion for building equitable community. Maximus, currently an intern at Cambia, will be joining East Brook in the spring. He is committed to strengthening the FEC network and exploring East Brook’s place within it.


Our precious baby cows want to let you know that if you’re interested in connecting with us, you can reach out to eastbrookcommunityfarm@gmail.com. And that you can peruse our website at http://eastbrookfarm.com/. Moo!


Welcome to East Brook Community Farm

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