Visiting Cambia Community from Israel

by Yuval

A few days ago we arrived to a magical place called Cambia.  We are three Israelis girls in our 20s who decided to travel and learn about different communities in the states. We decided to do that so we could learn about other ways of living, to learn some new skills, and to meet inspiring people. Our stay at Cambia so far gave us all of the above and more!


First of all Ella, Gil, Maximus and Avni welcomed us to there house with an open heart, and treated us as part of the family, with great meals! The space here itself is so beautiful, cozy and comfortable.



Other than that we got the opportunity to learn how to build and use wood tools, we build some staircase and shelves  and a table. We are very happy to now know how to build things, and hope to use that knowledge back home.  We got to learn also more about the environmental issues. There are some great small models here which explain in a very simple way about how normal lifestyle affect the world. They also taught us how to dumpster diving, which was a very exciting and educating experience. Also in every meal we get to some very interesting conversations about different topics and issues which also taught us a lot.


In the weekend we also got the chance to go to the conference communities that was happening near by. There we met some great people and got to see even more the communities around and other ways of leaving, it was very inspiring.


Our stay here in the farm so far is amazing! One of the best things here is how warm and friendly everyone is, and how much love and care we get. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be here and looking foreword for some more great days.

Visiting Cambia Community from Israel

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