Is there space for me at a commune?

By Paxus Calta-Star

People ask regularly if there are spaces for new members at the income sharing communities.  This is a current update on the space availability of the various communes in the US with ways to contact them and relevant guest/intern/visitor policies linked.  This information changes with time, so it’s best to check with any community you wish to visit before scheduling your trip there.

cambia wodden sign

Cambia (Louisa, VA) Yes, there are spaces.  Cambia is actively promoting its sustainable environmental education program and has space for both interns and new members.  This 2016 intern announcement is also current for 2017 and 2018.

Mimosa (Louisa, VA) This reforming new community (formerly Sapling) is interested in new members but is currently working on completing housing to provide space and thus cannot currently accommodate people for more than short visits.  Feel free to send them an email.

rainbows at LEF
Double Rainbow at LEF

Living Energy Farm  (Louisa, VA) does have space for interns but is not seeking new members at this time.  They have completed their main residence and are working on additional spaces for new members.

in , , on Wednesday, May 11, 2016.   Sarah Rice

Acorn (Mineral, VA) is full.  Acorn is not accepting new visitors interested in membership until spring 2018.  Acorn does have possible internships starting in January 2018.

is it utopia yet
Nope, not yet.

Twin Oaks  (Louisa, VA) is near its population cap, and continues to accept people for membership, currently if you were accepted you could join right away, but there is some chance we will return to a waiting list soon.    Twin Oaks does not currently have intern spots available.

burning man image
Skip Burning Man

Twin Oaks also hosts an annual communities conference.  This year it is Sept 1st thru 4th (labor day weekend).  If you are seeking communities, this is a great place to discover a bunch of them at once.  And here are 7 reasons it is a better place to spend your time than Burning Man.

Compersia (Washington DC) has at least one space available in this new, urban, commune located in the Brentwood district of DC.  Compersia has had one intern and might be open to more.

Ganas houses

Ganas  (Staten Island, NY) is looking for new members.   While technically not an income sharing community over all, Ganas is supportive of the Point A project and the expansion of the communes movement.  There are occasionally job openings at Ganas but right now Ganas is looking for paying members.

three farmers east wind
Working the soil at East Wind

East Wind (Tecumseh, MO) is full and has a waiting list, but is still happy to have folks come and visit and like Twin Oaks you can apply for membership and be put on a waiting list.   Because East Wind has a gender imbalance it actually has two waiting lists, one for males and one for females.  There is currently a male waiting list of about half a dozen men.  A woman who was accepted now would be at the top of that waiting list, and after three women are accepted, one of the men can be offered membership from the male waiting list.

Midden protest art

The Midden (Columbus, OH) is in transition away from being a commune and towards being a NASCO group house in Columbus.

Sandhill Farm (Rutledge, MO) has space for interns and folks looking for a short visit.

Is there space for me at a commune?

6 thoughts on “Is there space for me at a commune?

  1. Charles Alban says:

    no room for old people though.
    think about this. one hundred old people drawing an average of $13k per year on social security is an income of $1.3 million per year. that’s nearly three times what it costs to maintain 100 people at Twin Oaks.
    on that basis, 30-40 old people could support a community of 100. and they have medicare.
    this would be a good idea, because many seniors are struggling to live alone on their SS, for which it was never intended.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dearest Charles:

      We are on the same page. There is much talk about this, and i think in the next few years we will create such a commune, likely in rural Virginia.

      Paxus in Eugene
      28 Harvest 2017


  2. Cloud says:

    When I read this headline, “Is There Space For Me at a Commune,” I interpreted the angle differently from whether or not there were openings in these communes. With the aim of creating a more holistic community, I’d recommend crafting an article with the spin of “..Space for Me [An Introvert, Empath, Transexual, Christian/Muslim/Pagan/Jew/Etc., Racial Minority, etc.] at a Commune.” I can speak from my experience as an introvert/empath (qualities about myself I was unaware of until I moved to Community), and observed that those who remained in Community as such appeared to successfully do so in the most unappealing ways to me. Success seemed to require bullying, manipulation, intimidation, hoarding, imposing personal space/safety measures upon others and public domain, establishing fiefdoms, and abuse of the privilege that one seemed to accrue through having lived there long enough. But, those who were not willing to take the paths before-mentioned burned out and exited (this was true for me). There must be a healthy way to create a space that allows for all types to meet their needs, because a community needs those people (I did put together a good Holiday and Twin Oaks won’t know what to do with all of those pears and persimmons from Alt Orchard), and needs those people healthy and supported.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dearest Cloud:

      We have covered some of this in previous Commune Life Blog posts. (Raven on introverts in community)

      We have different experiences around living in community. I hope your current path suits you better.

      Paxus in Eugene
      28 Harvest 2017


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