Twin Oaks Turns Fifty!

Twin Oaks, in Virginia, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this weekend.  Here are some pictures from the festivities.

Skylar paints picnic table in preparation for the 50th. 
Nina does repair work in Llano kitchen. 
Skylar replaces light switch and outlet covers. 
Christian repairs the ZK deck. 
Connor photographing a turtle on the path to the party.  Photo Credit:  GPaul Blundell
Steve/Esteban TO photographing party goers.  Photo Credit: GPaul Blundell
Rudy, a founder, speaks.  Photo Credit: Aurora DeMarco
At the Open Mike.  Photo Credit: Aurora DeMarco
Aaron taking the anniversary group photo perched atop a tractor’s front end.  Photo Credit: GPaul Blundell
Group photo for the 50th.  Photo Credit: Aaron Cohen


Twin Oaks Turns Fifty!

5 thoughts on “Twin Oaks Turns Fifty!

  1. Bree says:

    Great photos. I didn’t make it into the group photo at the end but I am seen walking across the back of the group in your 2nd to last photo. Any chance I can copy to my Facebook newsfeed?


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