Compersia’s New Home

Folks at the Compersia Community were kind enough to send us pictures of their new home.  Here’s a few with comments from some of the community members.


As if in greeting, these trees burst into bloom the week that we moved in.




The kids enjoying a sleepover in the basement.


No FEC commune is complete without a Twin Oaks hammock.


Our yard backs up right to Rock Creek Park and we are visited nearly every day by a pack of deer and a pair of foxes making their rounds.


GPaul dances for baby Emma’s amusement.

Jenny in a pile of children.

Meren enjoys the climbable surfaces of the new house.

Barnaby and commune friends Gabi and Jenne face off at light saber point.

Games night at Compersia. Nerds of the world, unite!

Courtney performs at Art-o-matic, an area community arts event.

Compersia’s New Home

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