Photos from the Rainforest Lab for Cultural Transformation


Our goats foraging in the forest. With no fences, they get the best wild diets while we get exercise chasing the herd.
The goat herd on the move along the Bogachiel River, heading out to forage for the day.
View from Reade Hill, an old-growth hemlock and fir ridge overlooking the Bogachiel River valley and our home.
The wild Bogachiel River on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The river we live on feeds and nourishes our bodies and souls, and often threatens to wash our neighborhood away!

To milk the goats, we remove our skivvies to ford the path to the goat yard.

The water rises and I swell with excitement. Amidst the danger and ‘inconvenience’ (read ‘adventure’), I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to dwell on such an active river. To live amongst such rapid hydrologic change, where before my eyes boulders and towering trees are swept from their centuries old pedestals to dance a few steps before finding a new throne down river.
The flow, the change is more than a metaphor to me– it’s how I want to live my life. Active, engaged, tumbling recklessly with a precision that comes from a life of full integrity. Unafraid to hold fast, unafraid to let go.

The fungi we live amongst offer endless foraging excitement.


We often quote the phrase, “Don’t do anything that isn’t play.” I think we are all enjoying ourselves here.


Cobbing the ‘Wicker House’. Feet and hands full of clay and sand, hearts full of warmth and community.

Photos from the Rainforest Lab for Cultural Transformation

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