Cambia’s Barn: 4 months later

By Telos Cambia

A while ago, at the end of October, we shared some photos of our work on a new building at Cambia. At the time, we had the building framed and were getting started creating an earthen floor. Work has continued since then, despite the lack of photos, and now we have something starting to resemble a complete building!

Here’s the barn! It’s a two room structure with live-edge poplar siding. The room on the left is a common gathering space, and the one on the right is a bedroom. We’re getting ready to add an awning to the left side that will act as a tool shed- we just dug the post holes today!  Josie, one of the newest Cambians is out front propagating plant cuttings.
We’ve made the door handles out of various interesting and beautiful branches we’ve found.
Here’s the earthen floor of the barn’s main room. In the center, we have a pit of pea gravel that will be used to sit on in a circle. The entire floor is set up to be heated from below by tubes carrying hot water.
The earthen floor of the main room extends part of the way up the walls, creating a bowl that contains the occupants. The rest of the walls will be finished with oak panels. Currently, you can still see the (freegan- saved from the landfill) styrofoam insulation.
We shaped candle holders into two corners of the cob wall!
The floor even extends over the bottom of the tall windows on the southeast side of the main room.
Here’s a view from the loft of the main space. These boards will be removed once everything is done, but for now we use them to get around to various places we need to work.
And here’s a view from the back of the barn, featuring the previously mentioned tall windows.
This is the bedroom attached to the mains space. It’s already finished, complete with skylights and beautiful oak walls. Scott and Josie, the newest Cambians have made themselves at home!
Josie rigged this counterweight that keeps the front door close without a latch! Maybe we will add a similar one to the main space’s door…


Did we mention that the barn has a matching chicken coop? In the foreground, you can see our two ducks, Squiggles and Schmoo.




Cambia’s Barn: 4 months later

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