Northern BC Community -TCUP 2016 Update

by Sweetgum

TCUP is a community in British Columbia.


Winter is coming – as evidenced by the frozen pond. Some still choose to break the ice and enter the pond for a refreshing bath after the sauna, others take the more convenient but perhaps less refreshing method of using a pot of water heated from the stove.
Our sauna stacked with offcuts from the birch mill. They make a hot fire quick. On the left are some garden beds mulched with leaves for planting apple seedlings next spring. We started several dozen from seed and whichever survive our neglect and the winter cold will be rootstock.
Working on finishing the second story of the pentagon tower so we can cover it for the winter. Last year we made a contraption of sticks and cardboard that sort of made it through the season before being ripped to shreds by the wind.

Comparison photo. The inside of the plastic “roof” over the first story of the pentagon last year.

And a brief recap of some of what we’ve been doing over the summer and fall:

tcup7Volunteer Max working on leveling the floor, his pet project.
tcup8Group picture with some donated coffeehouse shirts.
tcup9Music by the fire.
tcup10Rocket mass heater and bench, under construction.
tcup11The lonnng contour hugelkultur bed for our perennial food forest.


Rocketmass heater showing where to put the wood.

Martin happily harvesting garlic.
Northern BC Community -TCUP 2016 Update

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