Summer at Oran Mór Community

by Desiree
Summer OM1a
Our new cob oven in the Outdoor kitchen. Several East Winders and some locals came by to help stomp cob and put it together.
Summer OM2a
One of our rocket stoves in action.
Summer OM3a
Kalani likes to help, here he’s watching the fire for us.
Summer OM4a
Our neighbor George came by with his tractor and some friends from the ONE group to pick up these grain bins. We donated them to ONE to store local grains.
Summer OM5a
Well pumping party! Our well operates with a windmill and when the wind isn’t blowing, we use our backup hand pump.
Summer OM 1
Just the beginning of out annual elderberry harvest!
Summer OM 2
Here is one of our veggie gardens growing tomatoes, peppers, zinnia, amaranth, cucumbers, squash, lambs quarter, basil, sweet potatoes, melons, and a peach tree! We always practice companion planting and permaculture methods in our gardens.
Summer at Oran Mór Community

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