Politics at Twin Oaks

by Valerie, originally published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community in Communities Magazine

Here at Twin Oaks, we generally consider ourselves beyond conventional conversation restraints; this becomes immediately obvious by listening to a mealtime discussion of the lurid details of gruesome symptoms related to the latest sickness going around.

When it comes to talking about politics, it becomes a little more complicated. There are certain topics that we can all discuss with ease and generally agree upon. However, somehow there are others that are more like opening a can of worms while walking through a field of landmines…

Acceptable: Climate change and polar icecap melt.

More delicate: What temperature to set the communal hot-water heater, and the ecological implications of using ice-cubes.


Acceptable: Bernie versus Hillary.

A bit trickier: Organic versus Local.

Acceptable: Increasing water shortages and the evils of the bottled-water industry.

Tread carefully: The fact that a certain communard-who-shall-remain-nameless replaced the low-flow shower head with one that delivers the approximate force and volume-per-minute of Niagara Falls, without any process.


Acceptable: The discriminatory aspects of impending US immigration policy.

Walking on eggshells: Our membership process about whether to accept that controversial visitor from the last visitor period.

Acceptable: Gay marriage.

Call in the Process Team: Your lover announces their desire to form a polyamorous triad with that statuesque blonde who arrived as a new member last week…..


Politics at Twin Oaks

One thought on “Politics at Twin Oaks

  1. hahahaha, I love these comparisons. It sounds in general like going from the safe detachment of theoretical concepts to the tender vulnerability of issues close to the heart. A single individuals words are almost powerless concerning global theory, but they are like a scalpel, or bludgeon, on issues between close knit people.
    Concerning the blonde, if you get to know your metamour, and humanize their sexiness they may also become your lover! Close the loop on your love triangle….or any polygon you’d like to become a corner in.


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