Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Photos from the DC community

(Thanks to Steve and GPaul)

DC Mtg 1

Connor tells it like it is so hard his fingers blur!

DC Mtg 2

Ascension Day! The meeting at which AC*DC officially began… after two plus years of work.

DC Mtg 3

Point A DC folks and Joseph from Sandhill and some group house friends relaxing at a game night.

DC Mtg 4

One of Point A DC’s first event, “Let’s Do It Better Together”, featured a bunch of parallel conversations, this one on income sharing.

DC Mtg 5

Point A DC has its first event of the summer talking about why communes are important and what stands in the way of people joining them with members of AC*DC, Twin Oaks, Acorn, Cambia, and the Chocolate Factory and curious potential communards to be.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

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