SESE and Quercus

by Junior and Quercus

Quercus SESE 1

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has played a large part in the development of Quercus, providing an income stream that  encourages the community to expand. A focal point of that experience is the willingness and ability of established communities to help newcomers onto the stage.

Quercus SESE 2

Late this Spring Quercus set up shop in the Main office of SESE to bundle and ship Sweet Potato starter slips. This is the primary source of employment for Quercus in the month of June.  SESE has been a reliable source of work for Quercus since the community began in October 2015. Something we’re grateful for. Instead of being subject to some dark, corporate overlord – our labor goes directly towards supporting our friends and local co-operative business.

Quercus SESE 3

This particular worker cooperative can trace its roots to Twin Oaks. The original designers of the worker co-op community run industry model in this area.  Utilizing the skills of a group of people and allowing them common access and input cultivates an engaging, yet efficient work space that can even rival the old puritanical systems of hierarchy we’re so willing to subscribe to otherwise. And we’re not alone…

Quercus SESE 4

The massive co-operative businesses Mondragon corporation explores collective cooperation on a global scale. The relationship Quercus has to SESE is only a small component to a larger consciousness.

Quercus SESE 5

And together, we’re changing the world, by changing what it means to cooperate.

SESE and Quercus

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