Herbs at the Oran Mór Community (Missouri)

By Desiree

We here at the Oran Mór Community have been busy harvesting herbs from the gardens and the wild for our cooperative community business. We call ourselves Rising Roots Collective and we are a group of herbalists, gardeners, carpenters, fiber artists, musicians, and primitive skills craftsman. The collective is made up of our communards at Oran Mór, as well as other local folks in the area who we work together with. Currently we have been most busy with plentiful plants! These are some of the plants we have been busy harvesting:




 Red clover








 Lemon balm



 We would love to have an herbal intern for the season to help with drying, harvesting, preparing herbal oils, tinctures, and teas, cultivating, and more! You will learn a lot about edible and medicinal plants of the Ozarks including identification, uses, and preparations. We currently have a room available and camping is amazing this time of year. Interested folks can email us at oranmor@speedymail.org or call 417-250- 9252, also check out our website www.oranmorcommunity.org

Herbs at the Oran Mór Community (Missouri)

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